Child Exploitation & Human Trafficking: O.U.R. Rescue, Our Fight
child exploitation & human trafficking

Here in The City, we’re grateful for (among other things) our opportunity to help provide useful cannabis education and a wide variety of high quality cannabis products for your consumption, as well as a fun, safe place to consume that cannabis. One endeavor we’re especially proud to be a part of is joining the ongoing fight against child exploitation & human trafficking worldwide. 

O.U.R. Rescue (formerly known as Operation Underground Railroad) has been fighting against child exploitation & human trafficking worldwide since 2013. They’ve worked diligently with law enforcement agencies worldwide and have helped create a well-connected network of donors, legal support and other useful resources to help victims of child exploitation & human trafficking and their families.

The O.U.R. Process

The O.U.R. Process is a multi-step effort to get help where it is needed most. 

  1. Develop relationships with law enforcement agencies
  2. Identify how O.U.R. Rescue can collaborate with them to help
  3. Assist with open-source intelligence, strategy, rescue operations, and survivor care
  4. Provide legal support, as needed, to prosecute offenders

Through this process, O.U.R. Rescue has helped support law enforcement on over a thousand operations, helping to arrest thousands of predators and supporting even more survivors of underage sexual exploitation & human trafficking. 

How We Help

It gives us a great feeling of accomplishment to help this amazing charity on a local scale in their efforts to support the war on child exploitation & human trafficking on a global scale. We are happy to donate every dollar of the O.U.R. Rescue merchandise we sell in all of our City Cannabis Dispensary locations. The goal of helping to stop this heinous crime against humanity is one we fully support.

How You Can Help

You can help O.U.R. Rescue in a variety of ways, including directly on their website or by simply purchasing one of their products in any of our locations. Remember - we donate every penny of the sales of O.U.R. Rescue merchandise in our dispensaries directly to O.U.R. Rescue. 


It is our absolute honor and privilege to be a partner of O.U.R. Rescue, and we’re hopeful that you will join us in supporting this amazing charity to fight against child exploitation & human trafficking and help real people all over the world find peace and healing.

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